Cloe Lambert

Rhian is an absolutely fantastic physio. She has really helped me with my girl and her many ailments. She is not an easy mare to work with but Rhian always takes her time and is sympathetic towards her areas of discomfort and defensive behaviour. I would recommend her to anyone.

Becky Mead

I am so happy with Flo’s improvement so far! Rhian has done an amazing job and continues to do so each season ✨

Carole and Conor O’Brien

Rhian kindly came to treat Harvey our elderly Great Dane.

Rhian was very thorough in researching his medical history before she visited.

During the physio session she was very reassuring with Harvey and he relaxed straight away.

Rhian was also very informative to us during his treatment, and Harvey showed improvement in his movement after the sessions.

Thank you Rhian!


Tracy Johnson

Can’t recommend Rhian highly enough, she’s been fabulous with my horse and we wouldn’t be without her now!

Claire Le Roy

Awesome physio, fantastic soundboard and all round amazing human being, I would recommend Rhian Williams Veterinary Physiotherapy to anyone with a horse in need of help or just for general maintenance. Rhian knows our mare inside out and is fantastic support, having helped us maintain a fit, sound and happy horse for the last 3 years

Sam Furber

I can’t recommend Rhian Williams Veterinary Physiotherapy enough she has been coming out to my Chunk & Reggie well over a year now maybe a little longer she is great. So good with the boys, patient kind through knowledgeable and doesn’t rush it’s all about getting it right, using the right tools, if she wants to use tens or use infrared she is fabulous. Exercises and works magic. If your looking for someone look no further. Xxx