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Price Estimated Duration
Initial Assessment and Session £40 90-120 minutes
Follow-up Sessions £30 60-90 minutes
Rehabilitation Programmes The price will depend on the therapies used, the number of sessions and the length of sessions Session lengths may vary

Equine Sports Therapy Sessions

Once an appointment has been booked, an initial history form will be e-mailed to you. It is preferable that this form is filled out prior to the session, to save time. However, I will have extra forms with me. Veterinary permission will be required before sessions can be commenced, in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. I will also not be able to work on the horse if there are any signs of illness, lameness or significant gait abnormality.

Please ensure that the horse is clean and dry before the appointment and avoid any times of the day that may be particularly distracting for the horse, such as feed time. It is also preferable that the sessions can be performed in a quiet area, to allow the horse to relax. The owner may be required during the sessions, to hold the horse, to provide comfort and reassurance and to ensure that water is available. This will also allow me to demonstrate the follow-up exercises. Therapy sessions are much more successful when the owner performs both massage strokes and specific therapeutic exercise between appointments. Once the horse is accustomed to sessions, they can be performed in the absence of an owner. However, somebody will be required at the start of the sessions to trot-up the horse.

Before the first session is commenced, a comprehensive initial assessment will be performed. This will include both a static and dynamic assessment. The static assessment will involve evaluation of the horse’s posture, stance and conformation. The horse will also be palpated to identify areas of pain, tension, heat/ cold, inflammation, muscular atrophy/ hypertrophy and asymmetry and to assess tissue quality. During this part of the session, I will also assess the range of motion of specific joints, to identify restrictions or asymmetries. The horse will then be observed dynamically to identify any gait abnormalities and to assess straightness, range of motion, gait quality, symmetry and way of going. It is also preferable that the horse is observed in a straight-line, on the lunge and ridden, as well as, on both a hard and soft surface. The findings of the initial assessment, along with information from the initial history form, will be used to decide on the most appropriate treatment options. Each case is individual and the types of therapy used and frequency of sessions will depend on many factors, including age, history of previous injury, fitness, the type and severity of issue being addressed, duration that the issue has persisted, as well as, the horse’s level of training/ competition.

At the end of the session, I will provide you with a session form, informing you of my findings, including any concerns or changes from previous, along with some follow-up exercises. The follow-up exercises may include some simple massage or myofascial release strokes, stretches and therapeutic exercise programmes, to aid the progression of the sessions.

* Please note that sports therapy is not a substitute for correct veterinary care. Your veterinarian should be your first point of contact for any major concerns.

Rehabilitation Programmes

If your veterinarian feels it is appropriate, a long-term rehabilitation programme can be put together for horses recovering from an illness/ injury or surgical procedure. The initial assessments will be very similar to those carried out before the sports therapy sessions, although some assessments may not be appropriate. Alongside the advice of your veterinarian and the findings of the initial assessment, a detailed rehabilitation programme will be put together. The types of therapy used, frequency and duration of sessions and length of the rehabilitation programme will vary greatly between individuals. If you are unable to perform all of the sessions planned, I am available to carry out some of the therapeutic exercise sessions, as well as, the sports therapy sessions. Throughout the rehabilitation programme, the horse will be regularly re-assessed and the owner will be given details on their progress.

Painted Horse Demonstrations

I also offer painted horse demonstrations of the musculoskeletal system. Topics can be decided prior to the event and the complexity of the presentation can be tailored to the audience present. Some of the possible topics are listed below. The cost of demonstrations will vary with the number of horses needed and length of the presentation.