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About Me

In 2015, I graduated from a degree in Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, at Writtle College, Essex. During these three years, I gained a huge amount of knowledge on equine functional anatomy, biomechanics and disease/ injury pathology and treatment. The practical aspects of the course also developed my gait evaluation and palpation skills and allowed me use various therapeutic modalities, including pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, low level laser therapy, kinesiotaping and a hydrotherapy walker.

I am also a qualified Equinology® Equine Body Worker and have passed the Advanced Level 1 Equine Body Worker qualification. These courses have greatly improved my palpation and massage skills and have provided me with a vast amount of different massage and mobilisation techniques and stretches to use in my sessions.

In September 2015, I began a Veterinary Physiotherapy MSc, at Writtle College.The course is accredited by the NAVP (National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists) and allows membership to this widely recognised governing body. Completion of this course will also allow me to work with other animals, in particular dogs and cattle.The pre-clinical year will further my knowledge of anatomy, pathophysiology, biomechanics and gait analysis. The clinical year will then allow me to develop my physiotherapeutic and clinical reasoning skills.

I plan to regularly attend courses as part of my continuous professional development. In October, I participated in the Equinology® Equine Kinesiotaping Level 1 and 2 courses. Other courses that are of particular interest include the Equinology® Myofascial Release, Advanced Level 2 and Acupressure courses.

I am originally from Surrey, but permanently moved to Chelmsford, Essex in 2014, where I will be based for the foreseeable future.

  • Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation BSc hons (2015) – Writtle College
  • Equinology® Equine Body Worker (2015)
  • Advanced Level 1 Equinology® Equine Body Worker (2015)
  • Equinology® Equine Kinesio Taping Level 1 and 2 (2015)